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The Homage sculptures

homage sculpture by s v mitchellsilver homage by s v mitchell

Bronze 2011 55x33x64cm edition of 5
Silver 2012 55x33x64cm edition of 2


The skulls

The Stonehenge skull
Hand-carved from Sarson stone from Stonehenge sacred site in England

soneheng skull by s v mitchell

My sacred mission to create the skulls began when I was given the Sarson stone from Stonehenge. It was removed from the sacred site at Stonehenge in 1958 while repair work was being carried out on the circle. I didn’t know what to use it for. So I kept it in my studio with some other interesting crystals which I had collected and just admired it. In 1999, while on a vision quest in Canada, I received the vision (idea) to carve the Stonehenge skull. I was then introduced to master quartz carver, Raven Youngman and with his help and guidance, I had the tools that I needed to bring my visions to life. Working with moon cycles and knowledge passed to me by the indigenous craftsmen who had inspired me, the creation of my skulls became my sole mission. It took 6 years to complete the skulls.

The Sedona Crystal Skull.
Hand carved from quartz crystal found only in the sacred red rock in Sedona AZ USA

sedona skull by s v mitchell

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